When an employee leaves a company, it is important to inform us as soon as possible.

Please read the PDF of the Data Protection Authority below.

Information to send us

  • Employee name:
  • Email address:
  • Date and time when the access must be disabled:
  • Does the leaving employee know the password of other employees?
  • What should we do with the data on his PC and/or his private directory on the server? 

Actions concerning email:

  • Is it necessary to set up an Out of Office?
    Is yes, what message?

  • What should be do with the email history?
    1. Standard Process by LogicalTIC: Transform the mailbox into a sharedmailbox?
      Does someone need to access this sharedmailbox?

    2. Export the mailbox to a PST archive file (not recommanded)?

    3. Total deletion of the mailbox without any possibility of restoration

On our side, these actions will be carried out at the desired time:

  • Deactivation of network access (active directory)
  • Change Password Email
  • Removing the address of email distribution groups
  • Deactivation of other services to be detailed

Information about the date protection